Have No Fear Budget Traveller, Affordable Destinations Are Here

travel1The newer generations are open to travelling than their older counterpart. This might be due to more resources available in addition to an openness to embrace new adventures. A beach getaway is the answer if you want to travel without spending too much money. Some time spent at the beach can be rejuvenating to your mind and body to return back fresh to the daily grind of life. Here is a list of the best beach destinations around the world:

Corfu, Greece

With the latest developments in relation to Brexit, Europe has become friendlier on the wallet for travellers. Corfu is a wonderful destination for budget travellers. You can find inexpensive flights to the island in addition to budget friendly hotels. Most beach resorts at Corfu offer their customers plenty of options like pools, a range of dining experiences in addition to well-maintained rooms.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, America

Myrtle Beach has been ranked the best family beach getaway destination in America a numerous number of times. Flights to the myrtle Beach International Airport are affordable and it is also a short drive from nearby cities like Charleston and Augusta. There are plenty of golf courses overlooking the beach and not to mention the massive pools and waterparks as well. A weekend at Myrtle Beach can be treasured as a memorable family vacation for most travellers.

Puerto Rico

floridaPuerto Rico is an often overlooked travel destination by most travellers. Its tropical rainforests and never ending white sand beaches offer travellers a beautiful vacation spot to relax and enjoy their trip. Well preserved historical Spanish buffs pulls in many travellers to its promise of much simpler times.

South Padre Island, Texas, America

This island is easily reachable from Texas and is quite popular in the summer season. It is usually favoured by co-eds from the nearby southern colleges during their spring break.  There are also plenty of family-friendly activities like kiteboarding, sailing, waterworks and so on.

Foods That You Must Avoid Before Flying

foodFlights, especially long-distance ones can put even the seasoned traveller at unease. Long security checks, endless lines for the baggage and cranky companions are sure to warranty frequent trips to the lavatory on your flight. Add in the wrong food to the mix, and then you are sure to spend a huge chunk of time on air, in the toilet. So have a look at the foods, which are best to avoid, before your flight.

1.Greasy Fast Foods

If you think a happy meal is a great way to start your flight, then you are wrong. Greasy, fast-foods full of sodium and fats are difficult for your body to digest. Digestion becomes even harder at 30,000 feet above sea level. So you must try to avoid these before flying at all costs.

2.Foods that Cause Gas

The reason behind this is pretty obvious. You don’t want to cause discomfort to your fellow travellers and end up feeling highly embarrassed. Foods to avoid in this category are cauliflower, beans, cabbage and potatoes. These foods further lead to retention of water, causing you to feel bloated throughout the entire journey.

3.Alcohol & Aerated Beverages

Several frequent fliers have the habit of sipping a few cocktails before their journey. People consider alcohol to reduce their fears and to induce sleep. However, doctors suggest that alcohol and aerated drinks should be avoided if you wish to have sound sleep throughout the journey.

avoid-foodThese two are the major reason for dehydration and bloating during long flights. Rather you can sip on plenty of regular water to avoid dehydration on long-distance flights.

If you wish to have a pleasant flying time, then it’s best to fill up on healthy foods like green salads or light crackers before your meal. Even if you don’t eat healthy, it’s best to stay clear of these serious offenders when you buy a meal at the airport.

Top Three Places That Must Be On Your Bucket List


Everyone these days has a bucket list of some sort. So if you don’t have one, it’s time you get started. Grab a pencil and paper or in terms more familiar, open up a new note on Evernote. In today’s post, we take you on a journey through some pretty awesome places all over the globe. Read on and add those that catch your fancy to your bucket list.

1. The Great Barrier Reef, Australia
What with all the news that the reef is about to die, don’t you think, it’s right we have a look at this before it withers away? It is one of the most unique places on the whole planet, where you can go diving to have a look at the enchanting life under the sea.

2. The Pyramids of Giza in Egypt
places1It is only one of the wonders of the ancient world that currently exists. With towering pyramids and endless sand, the pyramids present an ecosystem that is totally unlike anything you would have seen.

3. The Stonehenge, England
These piles of stones have always exuded an aura of charm and mystique. Contrary to those who see them as mere rocks, they are actually a breathtaking sight. Standing all by themselves in the middle of nowhere, you must visit them during sunset.

Which one of these will make it onto your bucket list? Let us know in the comments.

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Vietnam – A Fit For Every Budget

vietnam-travelIf you think that international travel is expensive and you can’t fit it in your budget, then you are wrong.

Vietnam is one country where you can have a great holiday without having to spend your entire savings. Despite its growing popularity, Vietnam is super affordable. For five pounds you can spend your entire day including lodging at an affordable guest house. The country’s most popular drink Bia Hoi costs lesser than 50pence for a pint.

Vietnam was under French colonial rule before it attained its independence in 1976. The capital of the country Hanoi still carries the influence of the French. You can find great French patisseries that produce the best of French croissants and other pastries for a fraction of the price that you spend in France.

vietnamThe old quarter of Hanoi in the areas around Hoan Kiem Lake is the best place to enjoy the old-world charm of this city. You can find several locals practicing the martial art Tai Chi here in the mornings. Also, do not forget to visit the rural areas to experience authentic Vietnamese life. The local tofu factories, the popular rice terraces, cashew nut plantations are a must visit in rural Vietnam.

Pack your bags to Vietnam for a super-affordable holiday!

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